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A few days ago I ordered this greeting card from Little Low, on Etsy. I’m weird about cards: about giving them. In a previous relationship my extremely shallow ex placed zero-value on greeting cards (unless they enclosed a gift card or cash) and after disappointing him **many** times over (years, people) with thoughtful cards and notes I started to agree with his chorus of “this isn’t good enough… it’s a waste… why bother… you’re stupid…”

So yeah, ten years later, I’m dealing with leftover feelings/habits like this from a shadow life I lived once. And, even though I don’t often think of the “crap” things he said to me (I’ve forgotten a lot of it). Every once in a while something triggers that shadow-me and it feels awful.

Why the f*ck don’t I send more cards to people,  just…like…because? I love getting cards, I love stationery and paper and stickers and all that thoughtful “junk”. I post free printables on my blog because I know other people also love that “junk”. I’m building a BRAND NEW shop on Etsy around this “junk”.

Truth is there are very few people in my life that I am close to. This is by design (really). I’m actually pretty likeable and I’m not a lonely person. I’m just weird about people. Which is why I also ordered this card:

littlelow-2My goal in the coming months is to allow myself to feel (and overcome) that vulnerability and share cards and whatnots with the people I care about. Because it’s NOT junk. I’ll post a free printable greeting card here for you each month. And if you didn’t already get to download the best year EVER A2 greeting that I posted a few weeks ago click here.

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