Back to work and back to life and back to all the other stuff I tried not to think about over the long weekend. While I sat with an empty notebook… goofing off on social media… and avoiding making any to-do lists. I’m not sure if the absence of my usual manic list making/brain dumping storming is good or not good. Usually, it means I’m … Continue reading flightless


short and sweet

Wow, shortest Christmas ever…am I right? I was wicked excited to start celebrating after work on Christmas Eve. I hopped around a few stores… all last minute like… even though there was nothing I really needed. By the time I made it home I was pretty tired though… so I did some minimal house cleaning and rested with my furry children and a squishy blanket. … Continue reading short and sweet


the merriest

Only two more sleeps ’til Christmas! We had our ‘Office Christmas’ and, I gotta tell ya, I made out like a fricken bandit. Candles, candy, gift cards, star warsy stuff, homemade goodies, super cute stationery and even some holiday socks (red and green, they say: IF IT’S SNOWING, I’M NOT GOING.) Total lovefest. Even with all the loveliness, twinges of sadness have been creeping up … Continue reading the merriest


love taps

Added a page to the site for this project a couple months ago but I hadn’t posted about it so I am now… then this info can live here and there and all that. I guess you can call this a writing exercise. Hopefully, it’s more of that and less of a “BS generator”. Have you seen the Deepak Chopra generator…? It’s called Wisdom of … Continue reading love taps


be loved

Just now scrolled through my posts/drafts (whoa, I have 44 drafts saved) and found this song/cover/mashup I saved at some point for some reason. It’s pretty, yeah? Things around here have been quiet. I’ve not felt “great”. Lots of icky things going on with my food issues. Which is why I’ve not posted… I hate only posting how well/not well I am or about the … Continue reading be loved


what’s left

Needed to post ALL WEEK, but posting about my own mental wellness or the lack of cold weather or other more trivial things seemed less important than snuggling my dog or talking to my cats, watching Arthur Christmas for the first time or sleeping (which I have been doing a lot of this week). I’ve been self-soothing, avoiding the nightly news, ignoring the dirty dishes … Continue reading what’s left