well, well, well

Since the start of December I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid the flu or catching a cold or any other insidious virus. Anti-bacterial gel, over-washing hands, behaving ever more hermity than usual, doubling up on vitamin C and fresh veggies… even ate a steak… Read More



Dear December, Am I the only one that feels an almost overwhelming sense that good things will come to us in 2015? Yes, positive vibes tend to crescendo around this time of year, I know, but something feels different to me and I cannot quite… Read More



If you know me, you know that I have super powers. Really! They haven’t gotten me any fame or made me MONEY or anything useful like that but they are mine and I am proud of my special skills…I’ll divulge one of them here in… Read More


breaking bread

I conducted an experiment last weekend where I followed this recipe for Cranberry Swirl Bread, traded out the cranberries for apricot preserves, and used gluten-free flour instead of regular ol’ all-purpose flour. IT. WAS. A. COMPLETE. DISASTER. I started over with regular flour (because failure… Read More


eat, drink, and be furry

BIG SURPRISE. I put my beagle on this year’s Christmas card. It’s no real surprise. Mac is on the card EVERY year.  He’s my monster, after all.  The cats don’t know yet that they didn’t get spot on the card… 1. because they are cats… Read More


paper trees

My latest paper project is this Stacked Triangle Tree. It was easy, took less than an hour to come together and it’s a pretty versatile project. There are many options for embellishments. You can draw on them with metallic markers (like I did), paint (puffy… Read More